Curriculum Vitae


Emad Jaber Badwan

Palestine. Gaza  ● Residence  ● Mobile +972 (0) 599 774 483




2006: B.A. in Art Education, Al Aqsa University, Gaza

2002: High School Diploma, Al-Manfaloti Secondary School

Work Experience:

2006-2009 Ramattan News Agency: video production and graphic design.

2009 Freelance Photographer, Inter Press Services, Electronic Intifada

2009 Promotional video for Sharek Youth NGO and Action Aid

2009 Promotional video for Global Warming Awareness Day, sponsored by Oxfam

2009 Promotional video for Mercy Corps

2007 Documentary on the work of the Civic Forum Institute.

2006-2007 Ramattan News Agency: training as soundman & in production techniques

2007 UNRWA Gaza Summer Games coordinator

2006 Helped in development of Palms NGO

2003 Palestinian Progressive Youth Union: Animator at children’s summer camp.

2000-2006 Deir al Balah Social and Cultural Center: Children’s Animator


2009 1st prize, WHO World Health Day competition, short film: “One Of

2008 2nd prize in video art competition, short film: “No Return, No Peace”, French Culture Center White Night Exhibition, Gaza City.

2007 2nd prize in video art competition, short film: “Twenty First Century”, French Culture Center White Night Exhibition, Gaza City

2006 United Arab Emirates second International Exhibition: art panels & works

2006 Palestinian Palms Firs Exhibition

2004 Al Aqsa University: Spring Exhibition

2002 Al Aqsa University: Spring Exhibition


2009 Al Quds Open University: 3 D Max Film-Making

2009 course on journalism blogging by Arabic media internet network (AMIN), funded by UNICEF

2009 Islamic University: Television Montage training (40 hrs)

2007-2009 Al Aqsa Center for Media Development & Training: 3D Max (20 hrs)

2006 Sharek Youth Forum: training, “A Step Forward” program (4 months)

2006 Palestinian Artists Association: Graphic Design and Montage

2006 Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation: TV production (32 hrs)

2005 Alami Centre for Computers: Autocad (72 hrs)

2005 Al Dameer Association: Human Rights, basic concepts (50 hrs).

2004 Save the Children, Can’an Institute: Animation Techniques & Drama

2004 Expression (30 hrs)

2003-2004 National Institute for Information Technology: MS SQL Server Database Developer & Administrator (288 hrs)


-Photography, graphic design, video production.

-Ability to work with children in a friendly environment, particularly instructing and developing.

-Lecturing, giving workshops.

-Work well under pressure and deadlines, and within a team.

Personal Statement:

For over a decade I have been actively seeking to enhance my skills and education, with respect to my art, my work, and working in the community. Much of my time has been dedicated to volunteering with youth, because they are the future, their childhood development and enhancement are vital to their future, our future.

I enjoy working in production, photography and creative media which allow me to share my view of life, to breach language barriers, and to communicate with people throughout the world.


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